About us

Intelligent, Crafted, Purposeful solutions


Intelligent, Crafted, Purposeful solutions

We are an award-winning design collective, occupying the space between architecture, digital, art, and engineering.

We blur the boundaries between design disciplines to create experiences that engage people in new and meaningful ways.


We research, design and make, whilst exploring new techniques and methods that we infuse into our work. Our projects range from spatial experiences to beautifully crafted objects on scales ranging from the miniature to the enormous.

Good design comes from great collaborations. We create bespoke teams from a group of extraordinary multi-disciplined creatives, hand picked to best suit each project.

The Team

Satyajit Das   
Creative Lead/Founder

Martin Coyne 
Brand Lead

David Gardener  Technical Design Lead


Jennifer Sin  
Project Manager

Max Cooper  

Regan Appleton


Bethan Kay

Jennifer Tividad
Video Editor

Alfie Di Trolio   
Visual Merchandiser


Lucy Harmer 
Graphic Designer

Kitty Hinchcliffe   
Set Designer

Lewis Toghill Architectural Maker