In collaboration with Microsoft and Centrica

Migrating to the Azure cloud has enabled Centrica to more effectively analyse and organise one of its largest datasets: the Hive remote energy management system, an intelligent cloud that imaginatively empowers us to control the world we live in.

In response to this concept, we created a shimmering digital ensemble that responds to proximity and movement. Pleated pixels are activated in unison with the sound, expanding with more intensity and volume as the viewer moves closer to different sections. Each section of the installation corresponds with a single layer of music and people are encouraged to work together to compose all of the elements of the track.

Ensemble is an audiovisual analogy, demonstrating how collectivity can create a positive and unique outcome.


The Team

Design & Engineering  Satyajit Das, David Gardener, Alex Bygrave & Vincent de Belleval

Music  Rob Clouth

Project Manager  Jennifer Sin

Video Direction & Editing  Satyajit Das

Transportation by  Bolliger International

Installation Manufacturing Team

Victoria Atherton, Thomas Austin, Filippo Bassi, Callum Bishop, Faith Blatch, Sofia Charalambous, Keir Cooper, Darragh Deighan-Gregory, Alfie di Trolio, Kitty Hinchcliffe, Maria Hardy, Jenna Jardine, Giorgia Joseph, James Jowler, Fleur Melbourn, Marianne Kelly, Martin King, Rachel Mathewson, Ella Parmar Jenkins, Georgie Robertson, William Row, Aysun Sapaz, Abigail Screen, Dan Smeeth, Matilda Thomas, Lewis Toghill, Rachael White