The installation emphasises Liberty’s pivotal influence upon  the fashion world. It will do so in a way that complements  the store’s design, the eclecticism of its collections and Liberty’s individual identity among London’s high-street shops. The display will focus on the figure of Arthur Lasenby Liberty and will cast him in the role of fashion’s liberator. He will be portrayed as encountering a dissolute, fantastical and depraved couture-landscape that represents London’s pre-Liberty’sworld; as the narrative continues, ‘Arthur’ is shown to herald a new promise of better, higher quality fashion for the city. In terms of the installation’s narrative this will involve light, surreal play with the iconography of a ‘Noah’s ark’; on the surface, this will be a skit on the figure of founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty as the one person able to take charge and personally effect change. The imagery of sea-faring will also be sympathetic with the naval history of the famous shop front’s physical structure on Great Marlborough Street — the Grade II* Tudor-revival building was constructed in 1924 using the timbers of two ships: the HMS Impregnable and HMS Hindustan.



The Team

Lead Designers:  Satyajit Das, James Wignall and Alex Wright

Engineer: David Gardner

Writer: Eley Williams

Designers: Mitesh Chauhan, James Rodgers, John 'Birdman' O'Sullivan

Music: Max Cooper

Graphic designer: The Bond and Coyne team

Installation Construction: Niel Cambell, Jennifer Tividad, Maria Von Kohler, CJ, Regan Appleton, Ciara Halpin, Elise Alden, Lawrence Deane, Edward Blandford, Joe Wyand, John Harkness, How Ling, Isobel Black, Will Harding Newman, Lauren Roberts, Bradley Moore,  Rob Whalley, Sophia Wimpenny, Dan Michaelson, Shehnaaz Khan, Steve Britton.