In 2015 Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club collaborated to create a 3 dimensional audio-visual installation in which music manifests itself through space and light.

The installation plays on our intrinsic and emotional relationship to the forms, colours and sounds all around us. In the same way that we have a natural connection with music that creates emotional responses without us really knowing how, Aether was built as a tool for experimenting with connecting light and sound to the emotions of those in the space.

The project accentuates our connections with physical form; engulfing the viewer in a rich, sensory experience you can’t quite touch. It’s mass grows, rolls and splinters, reacting in unison to the audio surrounding you, amplifying the sensual impact of the music.

Aether is an emotional instrument that communicates stories through visual and sonic mapping of abstracted form.


The Team


Designers & Engineering: Satyajit Das, Regan Appleton & David Gardener

Music: Max Cooper

Visual content Direction: Max Cooper, Satyajit Das & David Gardener

Video Editor: Jennifer Tividad

Director: Satyajit Das

Director of Photography: David Gardener

Lasers for the video were provided by: Laser Hire London (Dal Badial, Kayten Tebbs, Jamie Thomas)

Installation Manufacturing Team:Rob walker , Adam Kalopsidiotis, Ben Slater, Sharmista Das, Kim Hau, Will Harding Newman, John Harkness, Bethan Kay, Shehnaaz Khan, Megan Charnley, Alex Watson, Simon Braunstein, Alison Schpot, Jason mac, Jessii Rose, Steve Britton